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Our History

Where We Have Been – And Where We Are Going at CPS Technologies

A Past Forged in Innovation

For over 37 years CPS Technologies has helped power the world, improve communications, create more efficient transportation, defend our military, and explore the far reaches of our galaxy. We can not wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Our Solutions Are Changing This World, and Others

When NASA sent the Perseverance Rover to Mars, CPS was not just along for the ride. Our material experts provided the AlSiC hermetic housing around the turret power supply for the SHERLOC scientific instrument onboard the Perseverance Rover.

Thermal expansion, conductivity, and the stiffness-to-weight ratio of the CPS AlSiC metal-matrix composite provide a higher level of reliability and performance that NASA trusts.

The proprietary AlSiC composite can also be found on the International Space Station and in the most recent generation of GPS satellites for the U.S. Space Force.

Learn More About What We Do

Contact us to see how our advanced materials solutions can improve your project’s performance and reliability.