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Advanced Telecommunications, Computing, and Infrastructure Solutions

Durable aluminum matrix composite solutions for building stronger, more reliable communication technologies.


Mission critical satellite components connecting the world.


Cooling solutions for next generation processors and devices.


Ensuring the efficiency of mobile base stations.

Choose high-quality parts that ensure creativity and fuel continued innovation.

Industry leaders across the globe rely on our top-tier products when building better infrastructure and advancing telecommunications.

After all, technological innovations are only as strong as their components. We focus on manufacturing the crucial building blocks of tech that last a lifetime.

Whether our clients need parts for applications on Earth or in outer space, our engineers are ready to take on the challenge.

Learn more about how this new innovation imperative is driving major change and focus on innovation throughout the world.


CPS Large custom shapes possible

Semiconductor Wafer End Effector

Protect your investment with a damage-tolerant, lightweight, high-strength, and stiffness end effector. Cast to almost any shape to meet your design criteria.

CPS aluminum packages

Hermetic Packages

Choose low-cost thermal protection for military, communications, and aerospace use. Hermetic packages are excellent for weight-sensitive systems that are subject to vibration and shock.

CPS flip chip lids

Flip-Chip Lids

Ensure the longevity of integrated circuits by using lightweight lids to reduce mechanical stresses caused by thermal cycling.


AlSiC Housing

We have invested heavily in research and development to support our clients. Consider a 2017 project with an electronics and communications company in need of new machine aluminum housing replacements. These existing housing components had poor heat transfer capabilities and created a mismatch in the product/substrate coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) – a critical defect for product reliability.

CPS enhanced their products with our proprietary AlSiC housing composite, allowing more efficient heat transfer throughout the thermal cycling process. This approach better aligned the housing and component CTEs, ensuring that thermal cycling was consistent across housing, substrates, epoxies, and internal components.

Armed with this innovative technology, the client improved product reliability and gained new AlSiC housing that could be cast in metal without any need for additional aluminum machining – saving on costs and providing a better thermal solution across the board.

CPS Telecom Solutions Make Communication Easy

Our engineers are ready to take on the next technical challenge. Contact us to go over your project today.