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Over the past year, CPS has been hard at work to improve our 38,500 sq. foot manufacturing facility in Norton with our new lab. These improvements have greatly accelerated our research and product development capabilities, which will help bring new and improved products to the market.

One of the largest additions to the lab is a Form3 Stereolithography 3D Printer, which will help us better understand the form, fit, and function of our products. Additionally, we use the printer for rapid fabrication of tooling, jigs, and fixtures on the manufacturing floor to assist our operators.

We have also added a Rockwell Hardness tester and an X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer, which are used to track material properties throughout the manufacturing process. This allows CPS to ensure reliable performance and quality for our customers. Vacuum bake ovens are also in place to finely control material processing conditions.

Dr. Steve Kachur, Senior Scientist of Product Development, said of the improvements, “These lab upgrades are phenomenal, and I am looking forward to passing along the results to our customers.”

While we are thrilled with the past and planned improvements in our lab, we are especially proud of our work with local universities. These relationships have made electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction facilities available to us for improved materials characterization and chemical analysis.

Through our lab improvements and work with local universities, we are now fully equipped for metallographic sample preparation, failure analysis, light optical microscopy, Rockwell/Brinell hardness testing, acoustic microscopy, metrology, and dilatometry.

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