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We Are CPS

Smart parts powering the big picture.

CPS has spent 37 years creating world-class solutions for metal matrix composites, electronics packaging, and armor products. We bring together theory and practice to deliver products unlike any other on the market.

What We Do

CPS is a world-leader in developing advanced materials solutions for transportation, energy, aviation, defense, and oil & gas industries.

Our advanced metal matrix composites offer superior benefits compared to traditional materials and give our customers complete confidence in product performance and reliability.

Where We Have Been

We have come far over the past 37 years. Learn about where we started and the core principles behind our industry-leading approach.

Where We Are Going

In order to solve the problems of tomorrow, innovation must be guided by vision. Learn more about our vision and how we are meeting tomorrow’s challenges.

Our Values

Customer Intimacy

All aspects of product development are rooted in a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, applications, and motivations.


We’re passionate about pursuing excellence in customer service and product development.


Our unmatched material solutions enable higher performance and technology advancement with a bias to action.

Team Commitment

We strive to create a workplace that enables all employees to grow professionally and personally in a growth-oriented culture.


We stay accountable to our customers, our shareholders, and ourselves in everything we do.

Results – Faster

Innovation never sleeps. We aim to move quickly in all solutions and help customers “get to yes” efficiently for all projects.

Transform the World With Us

We are on a mission to change the world — and we need your help! We are always seeking bright minds who share our vision for the future. If you are eager to make your mark on the world, check out our available positions to see where you fit in!

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