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Corporate Responsibility =
Environmental Responsibility

Smarter, Cleaner, Energy Solutions
for Environmental Sustainability

If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

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The Earth as seen from the Sea of Tranquility, c/o, NASA

Be a Part of the Solution

No business exists in a vacuum. We all share the same world, and responsible companies act accordingly. Our team takes environmental stewardship seriously, from regular corporate volunteer efforts to innovative product lines that reduce production waste compared to traditionally-made composite materials. While our cutting-edge materials solutions can produce big boosts to product performance, reliability, and energy efficiency, we are equally proud of the lean manufacturing processes that make these solutions possible.

Our goal is to support our communities — both local and global — by showing companies a cleaner, better way to meet their material production goals.

Food Bank Donations

Food Bank Donations

We regularly work with local food banks in Norton, MA to provide non-perishable foods and essential healthcare items to those in need.

Women's and Children's Centers

Women’s and Children’s Center

Part of our community outreach involves regular partnerships and donations to a local women’s and children’s shelter, aimed at supporting vulnerable populations in the area.

Relay For Life

Relay for Life

CPS has sponsored local Relay For Life events to raise awareness, funding, and support for the American Cancer Society.

Partner With CPS

Interested in working with CPS? Let us join forces and create new opportunities to support our community outreach and sustainability goals.