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Metal Matrix Composites

Smart Parts Powering the Big Picture

The Future of Metals

Next-generation energy, aerospace, and automotive technologies require new materials to unlock their true potential. Metal Matrix Composites combine robust mechanical performance with high-temperature compatibility and low density to meet the needs of emerging technologies and outshine monolithic material alternatives.

At CPS, we create superior metal matrix composites by reinforcing aluminum with sintered ceramics, fibers or ceramic particles.


W/mK Thermal Conductivity

Ideal for for heat dissipating structures

CTE < 10 ppm/°C

Low CTE ensures dimensional stability at operating temperatures




GPa Modulus

What Makes Our Metal Matrix Composites Superior

Combined low density and high modulus yields robust structural material ideal for lightweighting applications

metal matrix composite strength stiffness
Decreased Thermal Expansion

Improved Strength and Stiffness

MMCs combine the best properties of metals/ceramics, allowing for structural performance not observed in monolithic solutions.

Decreased Thermal Expansion

Tailorable, low coefficient of thermal expansion values allow for MMC compatibility in both extreme heat and extreme cold.


Due to density comparable to that of aluminum alloys and more robust performance, our MMCs enable a more efficient design for your applications.

satellite technology
mars rover light-weight uses

Review Our Spec Sheets

Want more information on what makes CPS metal matrix composites the best in the world? Check our spec sheets for details.


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