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World-Class Transportation Solutions

Aluminum matrix composite solutions trusted by leaders in the transportation industry.


Enabling electrification of passenger vehicles.      

High performance

Boutique composites for pushing performance limits.

Mass Transit

High powered electronics to promote a greener tomorrow.

Stay one step ahead of your transportation competitors while protecting the safety of passengers.

Transportation is a cornerstone of modern life. At CPS, we create high-quality products that keep the population moving across the world.

Over the years, we have honed in on serving traction vehicles and power drive systems. Traction vehicles include subway cars and trains while powerdrive systems include race cars and hybrid or electric vehicles.

Our main role when serving people movers involve the protection of IGBT power modules.

Learn more about how this new innovation imperative is driving major change and focus on innovation throughout the world.


CPS AlSiC Pyrolytic Graphic Base Plates

AlSiC-Pyrolytic Graphite Base Plates

This lightweight, high-strength composite offers low thermal expansion compatible with electronics while providing a hermetic envelope material for low-strength, environmentally sensitive pyrolytic graphite.

CPS Pin Fin BasePlate

Pin fins

Customize your pin fin cooler needs for maximum thermal conductivity in hybrid and electrical vehicle applications.

CPS complex geometries

Complex Geometries

Increase your design options with our ability to cast difficult shapes with our proprietary metal matrix composites.


Micro Case Study

High Power and Thermal Cycling Capability

In 2018, we worked with a European electronics company in dire need of new power module solutions. Their existing modules struggled to manage power distribution and heat transfer across electric and hybrid-electric vehicles (EVs), decreasing performance and reliability.

CPS took charge of their power module replacement project, developing new AlSiC base plate designs that offered double-sided power module cooling. Compared with outdated, single-sided options, double-sided cooling utilizes heat sinks to remove thermal stress from both the top and bottom of the module at once.

Our solution improved heat transfer ability and reduced the burden of thermal load across modules – particularly valuable for managing the heat-intensive electrical components found in modern EVs.

Build Secure & Reliable Transportation Infrastructure

At CPS, we are as focused on safety and efficiency as you are. Find out how we can help.