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Our Vision

CPS is a premier provider of high-performance material solutions for mission-sensitive applications, connecting and protecting customers around the world.

Paving the Way for Tomorrow

We understand the challenges you face in the global marketplace and are passionate about helping you succeed through integrated product development.

Our goal is to establish a reputation of solving complex problems with innovative material solutions that enable higher performance and technology advancement for every client.

Why Customer Trust CPS for Advanced Material Solutions

37 years

Proven track record in Design & Manufacturing

Armor solutions with multi-hit capabilities and better blast protection than conventional approaches

Fully-integrated manufacturer of AlSiC Hermetic Electronic Packaging for Aerospace & Satellites

Largest manufacturer of AlSiC baseplates serving the global market

CPS advanced materials in production
CPS exacting standards

Why It Matters

Traditional companies struggle to adapt to emerging trends and market demands. CPS helps bridge the gap between traditional product development and modern material solutions.

We specialize in metal matrix and ceramic composites – an advanced material solution that revitalizes and improves products and components across a wide industry spectrum.

green energy enabling

Enabling a Greener Future

Fossil fuel alternatives and economic drivers create a need for lighter, stronger materials.

CPS metal matrix composites are used throughout many critical industries to enable green energy system alternatives.

CPS design team part review

Insatiable Appetite for Information

We live in a connected world, with computing and telecommunications technology advancing at a staggering pace. Trust CPS experts to keep our finger on the pulse.

Our advanced material solutions improve thermal and power management to allow for smaller, more robust communications products.

CPS part inspection

Protecting Our Future

CPS products and components are on the frontlines protecting people when they need it most.

Advancements in aerospace and defense technologies call for equally capable materials and components – such as our CPS HybridTech Armor® metal matrix composite armor, a solution rivaling any steel alternative at half the weight.

The CPS HybridTech Armor®

The CPS HybridTech® Armor metal matrix composite armor rivals any steel alternative at half the weight.

The proprietary metal matrix composite can also be found on the International Space Station and in the most recent generation of GPS satellites for the U.S. Space Force.

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Learn how CPS can change the way you see the world. Revitalize your product offerings with new and improved material solutions.