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Our Methodology

Enabling Better Products Through Smart Materials Design

Theory and Practice In Harmony

CPS has iteratively developed core processes for fabricating metal matrix composites, electronics packaging, and armor products for over 30 years. The fruit of this labor enables both long-term R&D of next generation materials and short-term breakthroughs with rapid prototyping to weave science and engineering into tailored customer solutions.

CPS assessment


All projects begin with a discussion of expectations, goals, and timelines. We will review your needs and take inventory of any physical or electrical properties your solution may need to accommodate.


Depending on whether you are deploying a new product or modifying an existing concept, our development teams will scope your project and create a development roadmap.

New Products

For new product builds, our PhD Material Science experts will work alongside product engineers to bring your solution to life.

Product Redesigns

For existing product modifications, our design teams will help you review options while staying connected with staff engineers to ensure all redesigns meet required specifications.


Once all design steps are complete, our sales team will meet with you to present and discuss proposed solutions.

CPS employee inspecting part
CPS design team part review
CPS exacting standards
CPS Rapid prototyping


After agreeing on a quote, we will begin the product development process and perform rigorous testing to ensure the solution meets your project specs.

Rapid Prototyping

For specific projects capable of rapid prototyping, we can engineer solutions in as few as 2-4 weeks.

Review Our Spec Sheets

Want more information on what makes CPS metal matrix composites the best in the world? Check our spec sheets for details.


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