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Green Innovations

Our AlSiC material products facilitate some of the best green innovations for a more sustainable future.

Fueling the Future

To create a more sustainable way of life, private organizations and government agencies have worked together to bolster public transportation, encourage the use of EVs, and improve the efficiency of green energy options. CPS produces components that are crucial to the longevity of the IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) power modules behind these technologies.

Electric vehicle in garage

Electric Vehicle Future

Transition Towards Renewables

CPS makes MMC Power Module Coolers that are used in HEV/EV applications to dissipate heat directly into a cooling medium. This allows for higher power cycling and higher operating temperatures for electronics.

wind turbine in field of sunflowers

Renewable Power Generation

Traditional Green Energy by Definition

MMC Baseplates are chosen for increased high-power cycling reliability for critical infrastructure power applications. It is also useful where power module replacement is costly, such as hydro-power, wind, and solar generation.

electric vehicle technology

Powering Today

Efficient Energy Utilization

CPS MMC baseplates provide a high thermal dissipation surface to remove heat from electronics with a compatible thermal expansion. This reduces mechanical stresses and allows for faster and more efficient charging rates.

High Speed Train

Industrial Drives

Efficient Energy by Definition

MMC Baseplates are used in power conversion for power grid applications. They improve reliability and efficient power conversion for high voltage AC and DC transmission required to meet sustainable development goals.


Learn More About Green Innovations

Contact our team to learn more about our green initiatives at CPS.