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Energy and Industrial Solutions

Specialized aluminum matrix composite solutions for energy, manufacturing, automotive, and oil & gas industries.

Renewable Energy

Facilitating clean energy production with innovative composite designs.        


Optimizing chemical and mechanical performance to promote next generation manufacturing.


Leveraging metal, ceramic, and composites forming for flexible product design.

Gain innovative new AlSiC solutions that help you meet your energy management goals.

CPS’ unique metal matrix composite solutions offer a level of efficiency unmatched by existing market solutions.

Our proprietary AlSiC designs reduce mechanical stresses and manage thermal expansion to improve module life 10x over compared with traditional IGBT power modules.

Learn more about how this new innovation imperative is driving major change and focus on innovation throughout the world.


CPS BasePlate Ni-Plated Solder Mask

Base Plates

Improve energy efficiency and product durability with AlSiC matrix composites with substrate-compatible thermal expansion.

CPS aluminum packages

Aluminum Packages

Customize your manufactured machined aluminum microelectronics packages for defense, aerospace and other applications. Glass or ceramic interconnects with RF terminals, DC terminals and ceramic thin film networks.

SMP Housing and connectors

SMP Connectors

Decrease your wait time for SMP connectors, the industry standard for quick and effective interconnects for semi rigid and flexible cables. manufactured and inspected to JEDEC and Mil standards.

CPS complex geometries

Complex Geometries

Increase your design options with our ability to cast difficult shapes with our proprietary metal matrix composites.


Micro Case Study

Base Plate Delamination

In 1996, we encountered a large telecom company that struggled with the common problem of copper base plate delamination. As Cu base plates tend to detach from substrates after a certain cycling threshold is met, the client had problems maintaining infrastructure across their many cellular base stations.

CPS came on the scene and converted their copper base plate infrastructure into our proprietary AlSiC matrix composite. This allowed the base plates to better diffuse heat across thermal cycles and prevent delamination over time (CPS’ AlSiC base plates do not delaminate even after tens of thousands of cycles). These materials provided a long-term solution for the client, producing benefits to costs, durability, and reliability.

CPS Energy Solutions Can Change Your World

Our experts and composite engineers specialize in custom energy solutions that offer superior performance and reliability.