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CPS Technologies Receives Infineon Supplier Award 2016 for Backend High Power Material

By December 13, 2016March 9th, 2022No Comments

Norton, Massachusetts, December, 13, 2016. CPS Technologies Corporation (Nasdaq:CPSH) received Infineon’s “Supplier Award 2016 for Backend High Power Material” at Infineon’s annual global supplier conference held last month in Malaysia. Infineon, a world leader in power electronics, has over 9000 suppliers and only a very small number of companies earned this distinction. The Award, which recognizes outstanding performance for innovation, materials and product development, was presented by Arne Kohring, Vice President Operations Backend High Power Segment, and Andrea Fischer, Director Strategic Purchasing. The Award was accepted by Dr. Mark Occhionero, Vice-President Marketing and Technical Sales for CPS, who has worked with Infineon since the beginning of the partnership in 1999.

About CPS

CPS Technologies Corporation is a global leader in producing metal-matrix composite components used to improve the reliability and performance of various electrical systems. CPS products are used in motor controllers for hybrid and electric vehicles, high-speed trains, subway cars and wind turbines. They are also used as heatspreaders in internet switches, routers and high-performance microprocessors. CPS also develops and produces metal-matrix composite armor.